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A way to learn about the world through technology. A chance to rapidly form an opinion, and share it with the world. A couple minutes of time at most. A free flow of ideas, responses, more ideas. That is what KQED DoNow is about.Getting our feet wet with different things in the the world, allowing us to try things out. Spread your ideas! Check out the latest DoNow’s, and Tweet! Share your opinion with the world!

How does it work? KQED posts a topic, and a brief explanation. Check out the recent topics here. It’s your challenge then to answer it in 140 characters or less. Reply to others posts under the hashtag, post something new, share a link (to shorten it, use goo.gl.). Come on, try it out!  It’s easy and fun.

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Explore something new. Dream up ideas. Examine your thoughts, and share them with the world.

You know you want to:)

Explore, Dream, Examine



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