Why AP Bio?


Why take AP Bio? My reflection on the year, things learned and skills gained.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.33.38 PMThis year in AP Bio has been challenging, exciting, and fun. I’ve learned a tremendous amount, both about Biology and about other skills, including time management, working together in groups, using technology, and yes, how to create this blog.



Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.35.10 PM


From the first unit onwards, we’ve learned about a whirlwind of things, including the characteristics of life, genetics, diffusion, cell communication, and the organization of life. All of this information (or most of it) will stay with me, as a tool for understanding the world around me. We’ve investigated through hands on labs, presented information through group projects, improved our communication skills, our studying skills, and finding information.

I’ve loved getting a chance to try out new tools, including the Mastering Biology site, which allowed us to Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.40.53 PMaccess the textbook online and do interactive activities, Schoology and the discussion boards, which kept us up-to date and organized and allow us to share thoughts and ideas, and using QR codes to spread our website. Other tech tools that spring to mind include twitter, Google Drive, and WordPress.

Throughout this course, we’ve worked together as a team. From class projects to group projects, to studying for quick-checks and tests, we’ve been able to support each other and enrich each others’ learning. A shout-out to everyone in my AP Bio class-you guys rock! We even adopted a group motto: “Geek out, don’t freak out,” which reminded us not to panic before tests and other challenges. One of my favorite memories comes from the beginning of the year, when we were learning about diffusion and osmosis. We were given eight rainbow colored beakers with sucrose solution, and had to put them in order based on concentration. With only two class periods in which to work, we had to pull together as a class to design and implement a solution.Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.39.20 PM

I’m happy I chose to take this class. Because even though it was a large commitment, lots of work, and lots of information, I learned a tremendous amount. My newfound knowledge of biology grew out of this course, and my interest in biology, particularly in how it relates to technology, increased significantly.

I’ve learned how to work, how to manage my time, how to check in with my teacher, with my peers. This course has challenged me and pushed me to a new level in my scientific learning. I’ve had to be a responsible learner in my own right, with no one constantly breathing down my shoulder.

Through this process, I’ve gotten to Explore the world of biology, Dream of the challenges I could take on with my knowledge, and Examine the details of how life actually works.

I want to thank my class for putting up with my constant questions, Mrs. Girard for guiding us through the material, and my family for supporting me in my choice to commit myself to this course.

Thanks for reading, and remember—Explore, Dream, Examine


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3 thoughts on “Why AP Bio?

  1. Your welcome for putting up with your questions. And oh my gosh, I have heard geek out don’t freak out way to many times. Maybe one day I will come back and visit you and hannah and Lisa and Mrs Girard. Maybe even teach a little about technology. Lol just kidding I suck with technology.

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