About me!

Who am I?


Answer: D! I’m an AP Bio student who loves learning, exploring, and learning to be scientist. I hope you join me on my quest!

Fun Facts:

  • I love horses! I have a mustang pony who lived in the wild until he was three weeks old. He rocks!
  • I’m super involved in robotics—I helped found an FTC team at Notre Dame, and I’m a leader on S.W.A.T Robotics- Team 3045 in FRC- I love discussing FIRST and it’s programs.Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.47.11 PM
  • I love math and science, but I also love reading- if you have any book suggestions, send them by me!


Why I’m taking AP Bio…..World

  • Biology, and life, fascinates me.
  • I love to challenge myself!
  • I’m really interested in exploring Biotechnology
  • I’d like to see the principles of life applied to technology and computing
  • I’ve gotten the chance to explore the systems of life, and how everything fits together.


Why write a blog?

  • Getting a chance to write about what we’ve learned- solidify the information
  • Share it with you!
  • Learn about technology!


So, now that you’ve got a chance to Explore about me and Dream about the possibilities of biology, take a second to Examine yourself! Who are you? I’d love to know, so leave a comment! 



One thought on “About me!

  1. LOVE this updated About Me! I remember watching your intro video in August 2013 and being excited to get to know you this year. I am so glad you were part of Team AP Bio 2014!

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