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12 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I am now not certain the place you’re getting your info, however good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or figuring out more. Thank you for magnificent info I was on the lookout for this information for my mission. dkbkdkeekcfc

  2. Your website looks very professional. I liked your tips and ticks video for AP Biology, that was definitely helpful advice. You had a lot of information organized well, with nice visuals.

  3. Serena,
    Your blog hints at the breadth and depth of the learning you have done this school year in biology, and shows your initiative and vision as a leader and teacher of others. I enjoyed reading about your experiments, analysis, and explorations and dreams. I also like some of your questions – I understand the initial impetus to get rid of, say, mosquitoes, and appreciate your later view that much more thought and care is required.
    Thanks also for helping Eden teach about Type 1 Diabetes.

  4. Peer Review of your Website:

    I liked how in detail you went about some of your labs – explaining them so not only AP Bio students could understand. Both the “Tips and Tricks” and “Welcome” videos were amazingly creative and the “Tips and Tricks” video in particular conveyed a ton of information. I enjoyed reading your perspective on what you’ve been doing in AP Bio this year, and some of your ponderings over the more complex situations. The website is very well organized! Well done! (I also loved writing that blog post with you!)

  5. Peer review-
    I really liked your about me page. The page was colorful and had cool pictures. Plus, the format was organized and allowed everyone to know a few basics about your life. I also really enjoyed the format of your website. When going to the tab, there was not just a list of all your posts. There was a page that had a brief view of the articles in a creative manner. You have to teach my how to do that some day. What really stuck out to me was your insiders view of type 1 diabetes. I thought that this was great that you gave us the personal aspects of the disease. I do not really know anyone with diabetes or how it really affects them. This reminded me that these diseases and disorders are not just a list of symptoms, but are real people. The typical day was the best part for me. I also really like how there is so many different types of technology. I do wish you would have talked more about the CSI NDB project. I know we were working together, but I think if I wasn’t in your project there are things I would not have known all the facts. Well I will rap this up so it doesn’t look like I’m writing an essay. Overall, this was an amazing website and very informative. I learned a lot.

  6. Overall, I think Serena’s Blog contains very interesting content, with very thoughtful commentary and thought-provoking ideas. I am very much impressed by the creativity and the many different forms of Blog entries from written to video to photos, etc. I enjoyed learning a great deal of detail about Serena’s specific projects, field trips or work that Serena has done in her AP Bio class and getting glimpses into her thoughts about activities she had done and information to which she has been newly exposed in this class. I think she has done a great job informing and encouraging other students to take AP Bio. However, I do think that some of the organization of the Blog could be a bit more user-friendly and there is room for some improvement.

    I particularly liked certain of her posts on field trips like “Save the Bay” (written0 and “Fitzgerald Marine Preserve” (video) because her acouunts make me feel like I’ve accompanied her on her trip and she has personally shared what she has learned and her insights and thoughts about the world from her visits with me.

    I very much like her video Tips and Tricks for AP Bio which shows a thoughtful summarizing of how another student might get through the Bio curriculum easily and I think this would be very useful if I was starting this class.

    I am touched that Serena encouraged her sister Eden to participate and together they created a Blog entry on Type 1 Diabetes. I really like seeing Serena explain and summarize Eden’s experience and to see Eden express what her own “day in the life” account. This makes me feel very proud of Serena.

    I find the organization of the Blog to be a bit challenging, and I guess that is partly due to its nature, but might be slightly improved. I would like to see her introductions to her Blog and herself right away… not have to scroll a long distance to the “first entry” to find them. The nature of the Blog is to have things in reverse chronological order, but there is some benefit to reading things from oldest to newest to see the reader’s own development in her process of creating a Blog.

    There is a lot of information on Serena’s Blog and I can’t wait to explore it even further.

  7. This is most impressive, very professional presentation. How did you learn all the difficult technology involved?! I know just how much thought an planning goes into a Blog of this kind. Very well done.

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